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Massage therapy shows numerous benefits to people from all walks of life. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition, or you have an acute ache or strain that is giving you pain, a massage therapist offers a natural and effective way to gain relief. Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy offers a range of services in Burnaby. With a team of licensed and insured registered massage therapists ready to assist you with managing your pain and mobility, you can easily improve your quality of life in the most natural way.

Where Can I Find Quality Massage Therapy Near Me?

At Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy, we offer personalized treatment options when it comes to professional massage therapy in Burnaby. At your first patient visit, we will discuss your concerns with you, and gather information on your overall health. Your registered massage therapist will develop a custom treatment plan that is designed to address your specific needs. We use a range of evidence based methods to quickly alleviate pain and tension while restoring mobility in order for you to combat conditions such as headaches, tendonitis, muscle strains, stress and more.

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The pressures of everyday life can place a lot of stress on the body. Injury, repetitive stress and strain can lead to debilitating pain conditions. Massage therapy is a highly effective method to naturally alleviate pain and restore the body without relying on harmful pharmaceutical medications.

Are you looking for a more natural to find relief when it comes to pain and movement? Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy offers a number of treatment options in Burnaby. To learn more about our services or for an appointment, call today at (604) 559-7983.


Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy is located in the Willingdon Heights neighborhood of North Burnaby. It was established in November of 2018, however the owner Bridget has worked in the Brentwood area of Burnaby since 2005.

We offer Registered Massage Therapy, all of our therapists are licensed, insured and in good standing with the College of Massage Therapist of B.C.
Our treatment approach is holistic in nature, and addressing every aspect of your health and wellness is our goal.

At Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy, we believe that it is important to empower our clients to live their best life possible while being realistic and understanding about the pressures and stresses that we face in every day life.

We hope that if you find yourself in need of our services, that when you come to our office, you will feel the calm, healing energy that we have worked so hard to provide. We offer a variety of modalities and pride ourselves in consistently continuing to learn and grow in our profession while providing safe and effective health care.


Bridget Gagnon, RMT

“ I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you”